Ingénieur Consultant

Je suis ingénieur en Structures un domaine souvent associé au génie civil.

Je peux vous apporter des solutions en "consulting":

- Structures, bâtiments et génie civil

- Gestion de la connaissance

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Current Autoentrepreneur, Belley, France
2006-2011 Manageur de la connaissance, Buro Happold Engineers Lt, Bath, Royaume-Uni
2003-2006 Ingénieur en structures, Buro Happold Engineers Ltd, Bath, Royaume-Uni
Projets : Gare Eurostar à Londres, Stade Emirates, Ascot Racecourse, SIDRA au Qatar

2000-2005 Thèse (PhD), Structures, Université de Cranfield (RMCS), Royaume-Uni
Dissertation : Exigences de ductilité des connexions composites pour la construction sans appui
1998-2000 Master Ingénieur (M.Eng), Université Nationale de Singapour (1ère place distinction)
Dissertation : Comportement des angles formés à froid et des sections des canaux avec ouvertures
1993-1997 Ingénieur (B.Eng), Génie civile, Anna University, Chennai, Inde (1ère place avec distinction)
1992-1993 Baccalauréat (‘A’Level), Mathématiques et Sciences,Lycée, Inde (92,4%, 1ère arrondissement)
1990-1991 BEPC (‘O’ Level), Mathés et Sciences, Collège, Inde (95.2%, 1ère arrondissement et 4ème état)

A. Expérience technique
- Conception structures commerciaux, résidentiels et de rénovation - de la phase initiale à construction
- Rédaction de rapport technique, Publication d'articles technique dans des revues internationales

B. Gestion des connaissances
- Gestion des connaissances dans le cadre de la stratégie commerciale de développer les disciplines
- Expérience de gestion des connaissances, des processus, des stratégies et des outils
- Organise des conférences techniques et Promouvoir la communication interne

C. Recherche, développement et innovation
- Dirige les communautés de recherche, de développement et d'innovation au sein du bâti

D. Formation
- Développe un programme de formation pour la transition des normes britanniques au Européennes

E. Compétences Informatique
- MS office, Qse, Staad, Autocad, Microstation, Mathematica, Abaqus, Patran, Robot

F. Informations supplémentaires
- Membre agréé de l'Institution of Civil Engineers (institut des ingénieurs du génie civil)
- Membre du jury pour les travaux de recherche, IStructE
- Membre du groupe de travail du manuel IStructE sur la conception de bâtiments en acier EC3
- Expérience multiculturelle, Compétence interpersonnelles et de communication


2009-2011 Bébé et Toddlers jouent groupe, Overseas Femmes Club, Bangalore, Inde
2006-2008 Professeur d'anglais, travail en soirée volontaire pour enseigner l'anglais aux Européens, Bath, UK
2002 Prix du meilleur jeune chercheur, L'Institution of Structural Engineers, Londres
1992-2000 Obtient bourses d'études basé sur le mérite pour scolarité lycée et université
1991-1993 Prix Tamilnadu Chief Minister Award & Rotary Club Award pour 4ème rang d'état au BEPC
1992-2002 Commission de rédaction, Représentant génie civil, chef Elève d'Ecole

RECOMMENDATIONS for Dr. Dhana Bruyere
From my Linkedin webpage: 

Dr. Dhana Bruyere, Knowledge Manager, Buro Happold

“I can say, without doubt, that working with you has always been successful and enjoyable. 
Successful because you have a great talent, not just as a structural engineer but also as someone who works well with other people; you are able to get the best from others as well as giving it yourself. 
Enjoyable because you acheive your success through charm rather than pressure; people enjoy your company and want to achieve things because you want them to succeed. This is a significant talent. 
I wish you every success in you future career.” April 13, 2012
 Mike Cook, Chairman, Buro Happold, managed Dr. Dhana at Buro Happold

“Dhana was a pleasure to work with and always had a smile on her face. She is a very able and conscintious engineer and her work for me was always of the highest quality. She then applied this same approach to her Knowledge Manager role where she was hugely effective and organised. She made a very positive impact on this function in BH and really pushed things forward - as a leader of one of our Expert Coomunities her contribution was invaluable. I could not recommend her more highly.” April 18, 2012
 Rob Amphlett, Associate Director, Buro Happold UK, managed Dr. Dhana at Buro Happold

“Dhana developed and managed the knowldege sharing system in the company assisting the company buidling fabric director. Holding the role of Structure Knowledge Manager she suceesfully implemented the system, that is still functional, conencting BH structure groups around the globe and helped them share the knowledge and project exeriences. I was responsible in my group for learning and development and and have closesly colaborated with Dhana. Dhana has done a fantastic job during her time in Buro Happold and I would recommend her at any time.” April 16, 2012
 Zelimir Anic, Technical Director, Buro Happold Dubai, worked with Dr. Dhana at Buro Happold

“Dr Dhana was our Knowledge Manager at Buro Happold, she pushed forward our Expert Communities and generally the improvement of our management of our 'knowledge base'”February 29, 2012
 Richard Marshall, Director, Buro Happold Dubai, managed Dr. Dhana indirectly at Buro Happold

“Dr Dhana worked in my design team in the UK for many years before taking up her role as Knowledge Manager. She is highly motivated, well organised and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending her.” February 28, 2012
 Brian Cole, Director, Buro Happold UK, managed Dr. Dhana at Buro Happold

“I can't recommend Dhana highly enough for her work for Buro Happold. In particular her work in knowledge management where she worked very effectively to ensure that best practice was adopted throughout the business.” February 28, 2012
Neil Squibbs, Managing Director, Buro Happold UK, managed Dr. Dhana at Buro Happold

"I am writing to endorse and recommend the qualities that Dr Dhana Bruyere could bring to your organisation as an expert Knowledge Manager, based on her considerable engineering experience, her intelligence , energy and flexible approach and communication skills. Dr Bruyere joined Buro Happold as a structural engineer following completion of her Doctorate at Cranfield University. She rose well to the challenge of working on a number of our prestigious engineering design projects- namely the 60,000 seat award winning Emirates Football Stadium and later the new Stand for Ascot Racecourse in the United Kingdom among others. As a result in 2006, she was selected to be the practice’s Knowledge Manager to enable our multidisciplinary teams to retain and improve their competitive edge and to share best practice both across different teams and from outside sources. Her success in defining this aspect of her work and then communicating the opportunity for improved performance across the firm as a whole was a part in enabling Buro Happold to retain and build on its leading position as an independent international multidisciplinary consultancy. In consequence she was promoted to be Manager of Research, Development and Innovation for the firm as a whole. She continued successfully in this role until she left the firm to go with her husband to India. Part of her success for Buro Happold stems from her wide training as an engineer in Singapore and latterly at Cranfield University, UK where her work on the Ductility of Connections in Steel framed Buildings was part sponsored by the Steel Construction Institute of UK and was widely published under her name Dr M Dhanalakshmi. So I would recommend Dr Dhana Bruyere very strongly for consideration for employment by your firm as a Knowledge Manager both for her engineering skills and for her personality."
Michael Dickson CBE
Founding Partner Buro Happold Engineers 1976-2006, Chairman 1996-2005